Tank Rampage Pearl

Ball Specifications


Frixion™ M6 Pearl MCP

Weight Block

Gear™ V2 Symmetrical

Factory Finish

1000 Grit LSS

Ball Color

Red Pearl

Flare Potential



14 - 16 lbs.


219,00 €

Get ready for the return of the Tank Rampage! Making its comeback as a pearl, the tour edition Tank Rampage Pearl is the latest development of Microcell Polymer technology. Approved for action on both the PBA National and Regional tours, this phenomenal new MCP Pearl ball sets the new standard for urethane-like dry-lane performance.
Reviving the legendary Gear V2 core exclusively seen in the original Tank Rampage, this pearl version promises even more excitement. With a lower RG (2.55 in 15lb) compared to other cores in typical urethane balls, the Gear V2 ensures a heightened stability in the mid-lane, elevating your game to new heights.
Surrounding the Gear V2 is the revolutionary Frixion M6 Microcell Polymer Pearl coverstock, a cutting-edge formulation tailored for the distinctive urethane ball motion on dry lanes. The 1000 grit finish strikes the perfect balance, delivering an aggressive yet smooth motion. For those craving extra traction and a long-lasting finish that defies lane shine, the Frixion M6 MCP Pearl cover incorporates the Duramax coverstock additive, a proven gem from Motiv Bowling's solid coverstocks. Get ready for the Tank Rampage to go where others cannot!

Core Specifications

Motiv Gear V2 Core

15 lbs

Radius of Gyration




Motiv Gear V2 Core

14 lbs

Radius of Gyration




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